Query Optimizer - Principal Software Engineer - Clustrix

San Jose, CA, US

Clustrix is solving one of the most difficult problems in the software database industry toda -- scaling a SQL database. We’ve built our own distributed relational database engine from the ground up. Now we’re looking for smart and motivated folks to join our small team of developers and take this technology to the next level. We work on:

a C codebase written mostly in continuation-passing style
database fundamentals: B-trees, logging and recovery, checkpointing, MVCC
a Paxos-based distributed system: group membership, transaction consensus, global checkpoint
a query planner and compiler, modeled on the Cascades Framework, which generates distributed queries
a rebalancer, which manages data distribution across the cluster
You should be someone with prior experience with query planner development and:
Understanding how cost-based SQL query optimizers work
Understanding of how query plans are generated
Familiarity with the Sierra/Cascades optimization framework
Implementation level experience with SQL optimizers
Here are some things that make Clustrix a great place to work:

Our team is small, so you get to own significant projects and contribute in a big way to the product.
We have a lot of interesting problems to work on, in a variety of areas.
Our customers love us. We help them do things they could never do with their legacy SQL databases.
We are passionate about making our software work better and faster.
Our customer base is growing, both in number and in size of deployment. Their clusters keep getting bigger and their workloads more varied, so you will see interesting challenges and solutions in solving those.

The Clustrix San Jose office is located downtown and accessible via multiple public transit options including Caltrain, ACE, and Amtrak.